Popsypop LLC.

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About Popsy pop

Popsy Pop LLC, a family oriented company, was founded by Ron Bright in 1996. While starting with a small fleet of 5 trucks, Popsy Pop LLC now has over 140 Popsy Pop trucks and 10 Mister Softee trucks throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Virginia. We hand build our Popsicle trucks in our Somerdale NJ corporate headquarters and pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of safety, quality, and value. Our company is a master distributor of Well’s Blue Bunny ice cream products and their store freezers.

We are very proud to celebrate our over 14 years street vending and machine vending business in delivering our best quality brands — Mister Softee and Blue Bunny ice cream products to a host of customers in the Delaware Valley region.

Popsy Pop is also a member of the International Association of Ice Cream Vendors and Distributors organization which strives to promote, develop and enhance the best quality to ensure the future success of the industry.